Vegan Mexican Plate {with cheesy cashew cream}


Wanna eat more vegetarian-like, but don’t know how to make veggies actually taste good? This “Platillo de Legumbres” is inspired by the famous Gracias Madre vegan Mexican restaurants in San Francisco and LA , and will quickly become be your new go-to healthy dinner!

You can swap in whatever ingredients you like or have on hand, and add things like quinoa, tortillas, or shredded chicken to make it your own. One thing you can’t skip is the cashew cream- this stuff is a magic crowd pleaser and delicious on just about everything. Don’t let the length of this recipe deter you. Each component is simple and straightforward, and can be made in the same pan and baking sheet for easy cleanup.

Note: Any leftover ingredients are awesome in a burrito the next day, with cashew cream folded in.

View the recipe on Robyn Moreno’s site.

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