Summer May Be Over, But Fall Has Plenty to Offer {and a Spiced Pumpkin Popper Recipe}


Though summer sadly has come and gone, in all its sun-soaked, farmer’s market produce laden glory, fall does offer some culinary gems of its own to help ease your post-Labor Day pain. Pumpkin usually ushers in the new season, and once you’ve gotten your fix of pumpkin spice lattes, give these other pumpkin flavored treats a try. They’re sure to take the edge off your end of summer malaise and get you excited for everything fall has to offer. Colorful leaves, football, mulled cider, sweaters, tailgating, and pumpkin spiced poppers? It won’t be so bad- promise!

If you’re in NYC and looking for a pumpkin fix, try one of these delicious options.

  1. Fat Witch’s Pumpkin Brownie: Though their regular brownies already pack a serious punch, the addition of a layer of  pumpkin and cinnamon flavored cakey goodness on top of the chocolate layer makes these treats all the more irresistible. These are so rich, they’ll make you thankful it’s not bikini season anymore.
  2. Spiga’s Pumpkin Ravioli: Savory, creamy, subtly sweet, and pillowy, these delicate ravioli taste like autumn on a plate. Parmesan cheese and a balsamic drizzle balance the sweetness of the pumpkin perfectly.
  3. Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain’s The Great Pumpkin: Find someone who likes to share, and order up this massive sunday of creamy and lightly spiced pumpkin ice cream, topped with a deluge of maple syrup soaked walnuts, a drizzle of maple syrup, and a dollop of whipped cream.
  4. Boulud Sud’s Ras el hanout Pumpkin Soup: With a spicy Moroccan flair and a creamy texture from Greek yogurt, this innovative twist on classic pumpkin soup will leave you feeling warm and toasty regardless of the windchill outside.

If you’re in the mood to work some pumpkin magic in your own kitchen, try these Pumpkin Spiced Poppers. They’re like mini doughnut holes, without the hassle of heating up a big pot of spattering oil. As they bake, they’ll wrap your kitchen in cinnamon and pumpkin laced wafts of deliciousness. Feel free to swap out the butter for coconut oil, the egg for an equal portion of Vegenaise, and the milk for almond milk to make these vegan friendly.

For the recipe, visit Devil Gourmet. 

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