summer date idea: the farmers market

Every now and then, a relationship needs a little shake up. The tried and true dinner and a movie can get a bit stale after a while. Since its summer (for at least another month!) it’s high time to take advantage of a fresh new dating venue: The Farmers Market. Fresh air, sunshine, lots of food to sample and taste, and plenty to see and talk about- the farmers market is the ideal place to take both a new date or a longstanding love. If you do a little research I’m sure you’ll find a farmers market in your town or at least nearby, with most setting up shop on Saturday’s throughout the summer.

Once you’ve found your date and location- why not make a day of it. Pick her up with some canvas bags to hold all your purchases, grab some coffee, and get shopping. Wander around and see what catches your eye. You can go into the day with a preconceived idea of what you want to cook, but its more fun if you just see what looks fresh and what excites you when you’re there. Stock up on a variety of items, and chances are they’ll come together into a delicious cohesive meal once you get cooking at home. That’s the beauty of local, seasonal ingredients- they all kind of lend themselves to one another.
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