spiced summer shredded chicken wraps with hummus and tahini

I met all sorts of amazing people at the French Culinary Institute. Eighteen year olds fresh out of high school, former lawyers looking for a career change, even two retired pharmacists. My good friend Omer Ben Horin served in the Israeli army for three years, but always felt drawn to cooking. He grew up cooking at home with his Moroccan mother, and during high school he helped her cooked for her catering company.  After serving in the Army, while attending culinary school in Israel, Omer worked in top restaurants, constantly drawing inspiration from everyone he worked with. Omer then set his sights on New York, and attended The French Culinary Institute.  As if he weren’t enough of an over achiever, he then interned at the Two Michelin star restaurant, Corton.

After graduating from the French Culinary Institute, Omer decided to pursue his own restaurant. The restaurant revolves around a chicken concept, taking on classic American dishes, rotisserie, and Tex-Mex but all with an Israeli twist. With an impeccable knack for combining flavors and inspirations spanning the globe, I’m sure diners will snap up his eclectic plates. With his restaurant opening in late August in Oceanside, New York, Omer shared a preview recipe from his menu that’s perfect for a hot summer afternoon. Its quick, fresh, and super satisfying.
For Omer’s beyond delicious recipe, see my article on Bachelor Kitchen 
In the photo above, that’s Omer on the right on our graduation day from The French Culinary Institute.

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