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One of the main websites I contribute to, The Bachelor Kitchen, was kind enough to publish this bio on me:

Contributor for Bachelor Kitchen
Wanna know more about Elizabeth Palmer? She’s the “She” Bachelor Kitchen’s “That’s What She Says!” Providing readers with a female perpspective on wining and dining. Her fresh takes on preperation and quality ingredients deliver quick and easy tips to WOW any guest.
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After four years at Hamilton College studying history (among other less studious pursuits), and six months in Sweden traveling and exploring, Elizabeth headed for the French Culinary Institute in New York City to follow her lifelong passion for cooking and avoid the doldrums and inevitability of Corporate America. A recent graduate, she now spends her time cooking, baking, traveling, throwing cocktail parties for friends, trying to fathom the perpetually confusing men in her life, and writing about all of the above.
That's What She Says by Elizabeth Palmer
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