Mini {vegan} Key Lime Pies


While not a vegan myself, I do love cooking vegan food from time to time, and appreciate the health and creativity that vegan recipes bring to the table. One of my favorite vegan food writers, Dianne Wenz, posted this no-bake vegan key lime pie on her site Veggie Girl, and I couldn’t resist a healthy twist on one of my favorite summer desserts. Dianne’s key lime pie, served in a pie plate and decorated with raspberries looks gorgeous and impressive. Because of a recent move, I found myself without a pie plate, but found a simple solution that’s perfect for summer picnics and far away BBQs. Mason jars, my kitchen favorite, make the perfect vessel for these little treats, and show off their layers of crust and filling. Perfectly portable, you can just screw on the lids and take these desserts anywhere.

For the key lime pie recipe, visit Dianne’s website Veggie Girl.

A few recipe notes: When I made this recipe, I didn’t have walnuts on hand, and substituted some soaked almonds with good results. I also added 1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice to the filling for a smooth, sweet finish. I’d imagine you could make this pie any citrus flavor you like- though it will always read green because of the avocados. Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!

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