Lobster- Summer’s Perfect Dinner Date

Lobsters are a pretty classy dinner. They’re usually only served at the finer restaurants in town (Red Lobster aside, but that’s another topic all together), and usually come with a fairly hefty price tag. If you and your girl are having lobsters for dinner, its safe to say it’s a pretty special night.

But you can have all the fun of a lobster dinner and get all the credit without the fancy restaurant and oversized bill. If your grocery store is anything like mine this time of year, lobster prices are at an all time low. I’ve got absolutely no clue why that is, but I’m not complaining! Lobster epitomizes summer, and serves as the ideal cornerstone for a farmer’s market fresh dinner date. All you have to do is boil some corn and new potatoes, melt some butter, pour the wine, and dinner is done. Don’t let your squeamishness about the whole killing your dinner thing hold you back- you can order your lobsters pre-cooked and ready to eat. No muss, no fuss, and no guilty conscience as you dig into dinner. You can even order them pre-cracked, but I think that kind of spoils the fun of the whole experience. Making a mess and getting covered in butter is half the fun, and makes for an interactive date.

If you take pride in cooking your crustaceans yourself, do it the humane way and place them all in a pot of room temperature water. As you slowly bring the pot up to a boil, the lobsters just drift off into a sleepy haze and don’t notice a thing; or at least that’s what I tell myself anyway. That way you avoid the dreaded “scream” the lobsters make when you drop them into a full on boiling pot (which is really just steam escaping, but I can’t bear it just the same). I’ve also heard that you can rub the lobsters’ “noses” (do they have them?) between their eyes, and it relaxes them, but I have a suspicion that’s another self-soothing fallacy. Either way, your lobsters and your date will thank you for being so considerate.

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