let me show you how!

I love company in the kitchen, and I love teaching people how to cook. From the most advanced techniques (filleting a whole fish, whisking up fancy French sauces, or making puff pastry from scratch) to the simplest (roasting a chicken, assembling a fruit crumble, or chopping up veggies for a fresh salsa) I’d be happy to walk you through it step by step, ensuring you create food you’re proud to share.

I’ll bring all the tools, ingredients, and recipes you need, just let me know what you want to learn! Below is an abbreviated list of some themes we can work around, but they sky is the limit! And if you like, we can make it a party and cook with wine (paired to what we’re cooking of course) or a signature cocktail. Like the beloved Julia Child said, “I love cooking with wine- sometimes I even put it in the food!”

Dinner Party to Impress: Learn how to cook for a larger group of friends with simple, manageable dishes that still pack an impressive punch. We can decide on a theme based on the season, a holiday, or special event.

Post-Grad Package: Learn how to cook outside the dorm room (no more ramen noodles!), with a simple repertoire of dishes you can grow from. Learn how to cook for one, or for a group of friends in your new place.

Newlywed Package: Perfect for the new bride & groom. Learn how to cook a delicious dinner for two, together. Put those new wedding gifts to good use, impress your new spouse, and cut back on your take-out bills.

Bachelorette Package: Compliment your naughtier bachelorette party with a more wholesome (and useful!) cooking party. Nibble on appetizers and sip cocktails as you learn some new tricks in the kitchen. Each guest will leave with a book of recipes and something decadent to enjoy at home.

Healthy Kids Package: Switch up your frozen chicken fingers and tater tots routine and learn how to cook wholesome, nourishing food for your kids that they’ll actually want to eat. We can come up with fun ideas based on their/your preferences, and get them involved in the cooking process so they feel involved in the process. You might have a budding chef on your hands!

Cocktail Package: Learn how to shake up some truly delicious cocktails, and break out of your pre-packaged mixer rut. I’ll show you how to make fresh, bespoke cocktails to impress all your friends, and we’ll figure out new signature cocktail for you. Perfect as a housewarming gift or for a recent graduate.

Passport to Italy Package: Learn how to make homemade pasta from scratch (you won’t believe how good it tastes!), homemade tomato sauce (no more jarred stuff), fresh bruschetta, and homemade fresh mozzarella from scratch. Talk about an impressive dinner!

Just Desserts Package: Learn how to make your favorite sweet treats at home. We can keep it simple with brownies, cookies, and cakes, or get a little fancier with homemade meringues, caramels, ice creams, and soufflés.

We can also build a package around any holiday, event, or party you have in mind, and if you’re not in the mood to cook yourself, sit back and let me do the work while you relax! I will cook up whatever you need, and leave everything ready to be served.

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