Lemony Moroccan Lentil Soup with Minted Yogurt



In Morocco, families take great time and effort to prepare their own versions of the lentil soup called Harira. Especially enjoyed during Ramadan, Harira typically breaks the fast in the evening, though it can be enjoyed anytime during the year. Recipes vary greatly, with some including starchy broken pasta or rice. This version eliminates the extra starch, but still delivers the filling, satisfying, hearty taste of the original. Lentils and chickpeas provide a satiating source of vegetarian protein, while pureeing the soup disguises a variety of antioxidant and fiber rich vegetables. Spices give the soup a warming quality, and the addition of fresh lemon juice at the end adds a fresh brightness to the dish. Yogurt and mint, while optional, make the soup feel special and look festive enough to serve to company. Don’t let the long ingredient list deter you; the preparation for this soup is simple, and it comes together in under 45 minutes.

For the recipe, visit Geo Blue’s Healthy Travel Blog.

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