interview with chef david drake

According to Chef David Drake, there are two kinds of chefs: those who grew up on the apron strings of their mother and grandmother, comfortable in the kitchen from their earliest memories, and those who come from families with terrible cooks.  Drake comes from the latter type.

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Drake’s mother cooked up bland mainstays like tuna casserole, turning Drake into a picky eater who couldn’t stand fish (now one of his signature items).Though his mother did not pass down a culinary legacy to Drake, she did instill him with the zeal to pursue a career based on passion rather than drudgery.  Drake comes from a family of people who followed their passions, many attending the Rhode Island School of Design.  His mother worked as a potter, and taught Drake to throw pots at an early age. Passion comprises the key ingredient in a culinary career; necessary to make it through the long hours and demanding tasks required to succeed.

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