I’m An Everygirl…And I Went To Culinary School {Feature}

Photos from The Everygirl

Photos from The Everygirl

I was recently featured on one of my favorite websites, The Everygirl. I wrote about my experience going to culinary school, and I’m so proud to share my story on such a fantastic platform. Below is an excerpt from my feature, but visit The Everygirl for the full piece, and tons of other great articles.

Cooking is my favorite way to bring friends and family together. It’s been a part of my life since the days when I needed the help of my dad and a chair to reach the kitchen sink. Early lessons on weekend mornings turned into full weekends built around cooking. When my parents divorced, I spent most weekends solo with my dad, and cooking became our common denominator. Those weekends filled with grocery shopping, pouring over cookbooks, and countless delicious and involved meals laid the foundation for my love of cooking. For me, there’s no better place than the kitchen and nothing more enjoyable than gathering everyone at the table to try something delicious. That’s why I started cooking, and why I’ve chosen to build my life around it.

After studying history and art history at Hamilton College, with a brief stint traveling and studying at Stockholm University in Sweden, I decided to pursue my culinary dreams and attend the French Culinary Institute in NYC. Talk about a leap of faith! The people I met there and the experiences I had, both in and out of the kitchen, only solidified my passion for cooking (and eating!). Culinary school was a fantastic experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world; but it didn’t come without its own set of obstacles and challenges.

Read the full post, and check out so many other fantastic article, on The Everygirl. 

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