how to: cook for a dinner date

When you’re trying to impress a girl, nothing quite seals the deal like a home cooked dinner. It shows effort, forethought, and a desire to win her over that goes beyond just picking up the bill at the end of an expensive dinner out. And just because your culinary skills leave something to be desired doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least attempt to cook her dinner.

I’m a life long cook and a graduate of culinary school, but I would still swoon if a guy tried to cook dinner for me, even if he burned the entire meal to a crisp. It makes a girl feel special when a guy puts in that much effort, even if the result doesn’t exactly please her palate. And if you think your girl is up for it, bring her into the kitchen and incorporate her in the process. Put on some music, pour some wine, and laugh your way through any missteps that might come along. It’s a great way to loosen up the mood and get her out of her shell, plus you can fill any awkward silences with witty banter about your cooking skills, or lack there of. And if the scallops catch on fire and the blender explodes pea puree all over your kitchen, and you can both laugh it off and order pizza, then you know you have a real catch.
When deciding what to cook for your lady, keep a few things in mind. Stay away from anything too complicated if it’s your first time cooking for her (you don’t want to set the bar too high then stress out when you don’t deliver).  Stay away from anything with potent odors, which will inevitably linger on your breath, clothes, hair, and kitchen. That means go easy on the onions, garlic, and all other members of the alliums family, and anything overly spiced and possibly offensive. Shoot for something with clean flavors for your first go around. Also, its worth cooking something on the lighter side- nothing kills a girl’s mood like a big heavy meal that gives her a food baby to feel self-conscious about.
Bellow is my recipe for Pan-Seared Scallops on a Spring Pea Puree. It’s seasonal, light, and easy to throw together while she sits with you in the kitchen. For something sweet, finish the meal with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Homemade Caramel Bourbon Sauce, which looks really impressive but comes together in a flash. And the addition of bourbon will make you a bit more masculine as you swirl your caramel. Light some candles, shake up some cocktails or pour some wine, and prepare to completely blow her away.
For the full article plus my recipe for yummy seared scallops and spring pea puree, check out Bachelor Kitchen 
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