how to: avoid that post-grad, over-grown frat boy fridge

Keep these on hand to impress female guests
Nothing says bachelor like a sad, empty fridge. If the contents of yours includes little more than a few crusty condiments and a lone bottle of vodka in the freezer- its time to step up your game. If you really want to impress a girl when you work your magic and get her over to your place, keep some barebones essentials on hand. She’ll feel taken care of, more comfortable, and like she’s in the company of a grown man, rather than an over-grown frat boy.

Every respectable man should keep a few key basics in his fridge. You’ll get points for having beverages other than beer and vodka, and kudos if you have a few bottles of wine for her to choose from. Orange juice, iced tea, lemonade, milk, and maybe a few sodas are all good options- plus they make for great mixers for that vodka you have hanging around your freezer. Also, I know girls who won’t even think about drinking regular soda- so consider having some diet sodas on hand. In terms of wine, shoot for two whites and two reds, and maybe a bottle of Prosecco if you’re really trying to impress her or it’s a special occasion. Try and keep a few decent cheeses (a good cheddar, some goat cheese, maybe a Manchego) and crackers besides Ritz to put out with wine if she comes over before dinner. Add some grapes and a few cut up vegetables to the plate and you’ll really impress her.

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In case you were wondering, the above photo is of my brother Connor’s college fridge- definitely towards the end of the weekend, as the beer stock is seriously depleted.

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