Homemade Wedding Cake


When I decided I wanted to bake my own wedding cake, I loved the personalized element it would add to my wedding, and the wonderful story I knew it would become for my husband and I. When I told people of my DIY wedding cake plan, nearly everyone told me I was crazy! A lot of research, lots of thoughtful planning, and only a few moments of self doubt where I did indeed feel crazy, led up to my homemade wedding cake that was entirely worth it. It definitely wasn’t perfect, but it was beautiful and delicious, and much more meaningful than an impersonal professional cake. Not to mention, countless guests complimented the cake, remarking that it actually tasted like cake (!) and not like rubbery fondant like so many professional wedding cakes sadly do.

I’d 100% recommend baking your own wedding cake to anyone with even a little bit of baking experience, and the confidence to stand by your choice. All it takes is a bit of planning and forethought, which I’ve laid out and simplified for you below. It looks like a lot of steps, and it is, but they’re all as simple as any basic cake you’ve ever made, just bigger, and they’re all done comfortably before your wedding day, with the actual cakes baked up to a week before. Freezing the cake layers buys you time and sanity during what will probably be one of the busiest weeks of your life.

The recipe below is very stable, sturdy, and forgiving. As long as you plan the steps out thoughtfully, you’ll be golden. You’ll need to set aside 1 hour to frost the cake the day before your wedding, but honestly, a glass of wine and some quiet time frosting a cake was a welcomed and peaceful respite for me that day. Make a practice cake a few months before your wedding if it makes you feel more confident (you’ll have a lot of cake to give away to your lucky friends and family). When the time comes to cut the cake on your wedding day, revel in the accolades and pride, and enjoy a great big slice!

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To view the recipe, visit Robyn Moreno’s website.

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