Healthy International Recipe: Australian Fish and Chips


If you’re dining out in Australia, chances are you won’t have to look very hard to find a freshly fried platter of fish and chips. Given that Australia boasts over 11 million square kilometers of clean, clear fishing waters, it comes as no surprise that fish features prominently in its national cuisine. Deep-fried white fish, battered and served with deep-fried French fries or potatoes, with a creamy mayonnaise based dipping sauce to serve, while delicious, will leave you tired and with a bellyache from all that grease and fat. This reinterpretation on that classic dish swaps vitamin rich sweet potatoes for nutritionally lacking white potatoes, and uses the oven and a few tricks to replace the deep-fryer. The resulting fish and chips will please even the most stubborn diners, and comes out crispy, golden brown, and delicious. Enjoy this protein and fiber packed dish with a simple green salad, and you’ve got a balanced and healthy meal you can feel proud to eat and serve.

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