Healthy International Recipe: Argentine Asado & Chimichurri


Due to its vastly differing cultural regions, traditional food spans a broad range throughout Argentina. Italian influences bring pasta and gelato, Welsh communities bring teahouses and scones, Spanish influences bring empanadas. But one traditional style of food is represented countrywide: the asado, or barbecued meat. Beef is the most common meat to hit the barbecue, due to the vast ranges of cattle ranges in Argentina. High quality, grass-fed beef provides protein, iron, and heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and if cooked in a thoughtful way, holds a place in a healthy, balanced diet. While grilling steak is the most popular method in Argentina, using your oven to broil the steak on each side gives a similar crust to the meat, without all the harmful carcinogens produced on the grill. Chimichurri sauce delivers a big punch of tangy, zesty flavor, with very little fat. Green herbs and garlic offer brightness, and vinegar helps cut through the richness of the steak. Serve this traditional steak and chimichurri sauce along with some roasted vegetables, and you’ll have a traditional Argentine meal that’s also healthy and balanced.

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