french restaurant vocabulary {cheat sheet!}

Crash Course: French Restaurant Vocabulary
Taking your girl out for dinner is a mainstay activity in the dating game. It shows you’re willing to shell out some cash to impress her, that you want to talk to her for an extended period of time, and that you’re proud be seen with her in public. If you’re really trying to lay on the romance, take a page out of the romance languages book and bring her to a French restaurant. Dim lighting, candles, and dreamy French food definitely set the mood. And don’t let your lack of French finesse deter you from ordering.  I’ve got your French restaurant cheat sheet right here.
I’ve compiled a list of essential French restaurant vocabulary to bring you through the ordering process with your dignity and masculinity intact.  I’ve also included the phonetic pronunciation so you don’t make a fool of yourself when you place your order.  Let the waiter snicker at the table next to you struggling to order “foy grass,” not at you and your date.
Consider this your crash-course to French restaurant vocabulary. Its like those vocabulary lists you had in middle school- but instead of earning high marks with your stogy old teacher, mastering this vocabulary will impress your charming date.
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