Dhoom: A Joyous Uproar & Commotion in Secaucus


Colorful and bright Bollywood film photos paper the walls at the newly opened Dhoom restaurant in Secaucus, NJ.  To the tune of Indian pop music, servers bring out plates and platters stacked with richly spiced Indian dishes, prepared by chefs visible through a glass window showcasing the kitchen.


At the press event I recently attended, guests enjoyed a sampling selected by the restaurant, showcasing their signature dishes. Colorful cocktails flowed freely from the bar as we waited for our meal, and we all dug into our plates eagerly after what seemed like a very long delay. Our wait was rewarded with tender lamb, chicken, both falling off the bone, and flaky and flavorful fish. Every dish was delicately and judiciously spiced, the curries deliciously rich and warming, and the naan bread tender and warm.

For the full review, visit Devil Gourmet. 

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