Cypriot Grain Salad with Lemony Yogurt & Pomegranate


Local food in Cyprus draws inspiration and flavors from all around the Mediterranean. Greek, Turkish, Italian, French, and Middle Eastern influences all contribute to Cypriot cuisine. Meze, a spread of small dishes, is a popular way to dine in Cyprus, and this grain salad makes a perfect base to build your meze around. Freekeh, an ancient grain with a similar texture and taste to bulgur, has nearly four times the fiber of similar grains, and ample amounts of vegetarian protein. Nuts and lentils also boast healthy amounts of vegetarian protein, making this salad an excellent filling option if you’re avoiding the gyros and kebabs so prevalent in Cyprus. The tart pomegranate seeds, tangy yogurt, and citrusy lemon give this salad a bright, summery flavor that’s delicious on its own, or as an accompaniment for grilled seafood or meat.

DSC_0952For the recipe, visit GeoBlue’s Healthy Travel Blog, or their site Travel Well Worldwide.


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