Costa Rican Ceviche



Costa Rica’s abundance of fresh seafood lends itself perfectly to ceviche. Naturally high and protein and low in fat, ceviche’s raw preparation makes it a breeze to prepare and ideal for serving to a large group of people. Though technically raw, the fish in ceviche takes on a cooked texture due to the acid in the lime juice. It firms up in texture and becomes opaque, just as if you cooked it. The addition of ginger ale makes the ceviche classically Costa Rican, and gives the flavors a slightly sweet flair. Zingy, bright, and bursting with fresh flavors, this ceviche tastes so good you’ll forget how good it is for you. Serve some avocado alongside your ceviche for a boost of healthy fats, and you’ve got a delicious and balanced meal to serve and share.

For the recipe, visit Geo- Blue’s site Travel Well Worldwide, or their site Healthy Travel Blog. 

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