Banana Muffins {Healthy- Hearty- Easy}

With the weather cooling down and getting chillier by the day, I want something warm and comforting cooking up in my kitchen. But September has apparently become even more busy than August, leaving little time for fussy culinary pursuits. This banana bread recipe solves my conundrum. With minimal measurements, a short cooking time, and an even shorter list of ingredients, you can go from sad and hungry to happy and content with a warm banana muffin in your hand in less than thirty minutes.

For those non-bakers, please do consider this simple and essentially foolproof recipe.  It doesn’t require any special tools or techniques, and the cozy smell of these muffins wafting from your kitchen will make you want to repeat this recipe all autumn long.

These muffins make a great afternoon pick-me-up with coffee, or an easy and portable breakfast to make early dark mornings a little more bearable. Serve these muffins hot from the oven with a smear of salted butter or cream cheese, or eat them cold the next day plain- they’re just as good on their own.

For the simple and easy recipe, read my full post on Bachelor Kitchen.

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