Autumn Pizza With Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Kale & Mozzarella

Featured on Mind Body Green

Featured on Mind Body Green

This pizza hits all the high notes of fall cooking, with very little hassle. Savory sweet potatoes, caramelized red onions, crispy kale and creamy mozzarella all combine to make a seasonal, bright and balanced pizza. With little more than good-quality olive oil and some fresh garlic, the ingredients really shine.

You can make your own pizza crust (gluten free or otherwise), or look for store-bought varieties in your supermarket. Whole wheat or regular both work beautifully. Consider roasting up all the toppings and setting them out along with individual portions of pizza dough, to cook either in the oven or on the grill, for a fun and personalized dinner party dish. For vegan diners, just omit the mozzarella and replace it with some vegan cheese, sliced avocado (post-oven) or nothing at all — still delicious!

For the recipe, visit Mind Body Green. 

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