Monthly Archives: April 2018

Vietnamese Summer Roll Salad

Traditionally served as a roll wrapped in rice paper, this Vietnamese classic tastes just as good in a simple to assemble salad. Naturally gluten free rice noodles serve as the base for lots of bright and healthy vegetables, protein packed tofu, and a creamy peanut dressing you’ll want to put on everything. This super hydrating salad is light yet satisfying, and comes together in only 20 minutes. Healthy and delicious in a flash!

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Beer Braised Chicken Tacos with Apple Cucumber Avocado Salsa

Once you cook chicken thighs with this recipe, you’ll never want them any other way! Ultra-flavorful and falling apart tender, the low and slow braise in beer and ginger ale makes this dish one you’ll come back to again and again. The apple cucumber avocado salsa spiked with lime, adds just the right amount of sweetness and freshness, perfectly offsetting the spicy chicken. If you have any chicken leftover (unlikely!) try wrapping it up in a burrito, sprinkling it over nachos, or using it as the filling for enchiladas or quesadillas.

To view the recipe, visit Latina Magazine’s food & cooking website The Latin Kitchen.

Coconut Marinated Pork with Rice & Pickled Vegetables

In Cambodia, this classic pork dish signals breakfast time. Packed with savory flavors from the marinade and zesty kick from the pickles, this recipe will perk up your taste buds any time of day. Swapping in a lean cut of pork significantly lowers the fat in this dish, while still providing ample amounts of protein, zinc, iron, B vitamins, and potassium. This adapted recipe also calls for brown rice rather than the traditional white rice, to maximize fiber and protein. You could also serve this over quinoa or another healthy grain.

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